APHRODISIA Electric Shock Anal Plug Anal Prostate Vibrators Vibration Massager Electric Stimulation Butt Plug Vibrating Plug
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APHRODISIA Electric Shock Anal Plug Anal Prostate Vibrators Vibration Massager Electric Stimulation Butt Plug Vibrating Plug

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Available : 2395 Sold : 293

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  • 【Ergonomical Size】Diameter of insertable part: 1.77in. This anal vibrator is ergonomically designed for comfortable insertion, but the size of the insertable part may not be suitable for beginners.

  • 【8 Vibration Modes & Electric shock】 8 various modes of powerful vibrations with electric shock, delivering you new sensations. You will get double pleasure by add thrilling sensations from electric shock pulse function.
  • 【Safe & Convenient】The anal vibrator is made with body-safe,skin-friendly, silky smooth silicone that’s soft and gentle on your body. With the USB Charger and Whole Body Waterproof design,it is easy to charge and clean.
  • 【15-25M Remote Control】 15-20 meters remote control makes it easy to excite yourself or share control with your partner. Note: Only when Product Switch is on, you can use the remote control to control the product.
  • 【Unique Design】2 in 1 Double Stimulation & Ergonomic shape & Golden Angle combine for a wild climax. The anal vibrator is ready to inspire your wild fantasies and awake your inner desires with its unique design.

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62 reviews for APHRODISIA Electric Shock Anal Plug Anal Prostate Vibrators Vibration Massager Electric Stimulation Butt Plug Vibrating Plug
  • Dani


    This thing may stop your heart and restart it. Hits like a train in a spot that you can’t describe. I don’t know if I can recommend this experience for novices. However if youve got an itch for something new, It’s an unforgettable one.

  • Matthew

    A pretty nice remote vibe plug.

    Definetly had fun with this plug, it was a lil tough to get in at first but once it was in it felt great. Surprisingly it was also fairly comfortable while in too which seems pretty rare when it comes to plugs. The remote control is a lil tricky to use and you have to go all the way up through the speeds to bring it back down to low, but the vibrations are pretty good, I especially liked the thumping mode. I haven’t dared to try the shocking part of it yet, especially with the worry that it may damage a wearable medical device that I have.

  • J3

    OMFG almost too much…

    Large to get in at first, good vibrations. Turned on the e-stim and it was too much! 10 seconds then 20, then a minute… then an hour. Just amazing… tried it alone but looking forward to using it with partner in control!!

  • Javier Valentin

    Slips out, so not for beginners

    One of the biggest issues with buying toys is not 1 size fits all, what works for one person, probably wont work for others because our bodies are not all the same.I would not recommend this to anyone not used to larger toys. The vib combined with shock is intense, you’ll instinctively want to push it out. For me that means it slips out quickly no matter what I do, I end up having to hold it which defeats the purpose of hands free.That’s not the designers fault, it’s my own.

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  • Chaze

    It not for beginners

    It is a little bigger than what I expected. But it if fabulous the shok setting fells great and powerful like getting zap from electric fence . The vibats àre really grate it’s e thing I was expecting plus sum

  • Alex


    It’s good

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  • Juan Jose Abdala

    Not for beginners

    I love it! It’s been a while using toys of the sort, and until now I had not came across such a good functioning toy! It’s amazing, and when you use it with the remote, power goes even higher… so not for beginners.

  • FunT


    Personally i find this toy to be awesome. Beginners may want to wait, it is on the larger size and the shock can be intense. Easy to clean and has a decent battery life b4 needing to be recharged. So far so good.

  • Barry


    LOVE IT. Perfect fit.

  • Dakota


    OMG it feels so good inside me! I want more <3

  • jcollin1

    Delivers What It Promised

    UPDATED: Once you slip this toy in, it stays in place very well and with confidence. I will say I have to push very firmly to get it to snap itself in place, but once there, it is completely “hands free” and I can confidently move around. A great variety of vibration modes and speeds, including nice and gentle to a mad rush. The electric shock is a unique fun feature I was VERY curious to try and adds to the pleasure. I also appreciate how quiet the toy is. Added a new twist to self pleasure.Update: changed my rating to 5 star! On my 2nd use I learned to rock my hips back and forth a bit. This rocks the external vibrating tabs against my perineal and tail bone. But, inside this motion rocks the toy against my prostate and milked me to cum more than once. I finally added masturbation and had an explosive orgasm. I haven’t shot a load like that since I was in my 20s. Take your time to learn this toy! It’s worth it.

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  • Joshua

    Shockingly Good!

    Wow, this thing has some real power too it. This was my first venture into anything E-Stim related with any toys and it was an interesting feeling to say the least. I’m it is super easy to use with the remote and the battery life is great. It’s easily one of the best toys I’ve purchased recently.

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  • woodworker469


    Be careful to insert, was a bit difficult to take in but finally got it in. Was scared of the shocking part at first but once doing the deed with wife with this inserted in me I finally used the shocker part and it felt awesome. I guess at first it scared me because I never actually felt any other toy hit my prostate before so was knew to the feeling, but it felt great! Made me explode fast while being intimate with my wife. I’ve tried many other prostate massagers and although some felt good with the vibrations, they didn’t exactly hit the spot unless I pushed on it or sat on it, but this toy, this thing fills you up and constantly hits the spot with its shocking mode

  • Amazon Customer

    Electric Shock stopped working after 6 months (Revised)

    Since this review, I got in touch with the seller, and just had the most wonderful customer service experience. They have an updated version of this device and are going to replace the one I had. I agree with some of the other users here, that the size and shape of this one is awesome. Not for a beginner but you’ll warm up to it. The Estim function is really fun, you’ll be hooked!I was originally going to give this a much better review, but when the performance started falling off Vibe got wimpy) and the electric shock stopped working all together. When it was new it was awesome, good vibe strength and the shock was VERY nice. Butt all good things come to an end eventually…

  • MkkM

    Surprisingly good, confused pumping climax.

    Had a learning curve, in my hand had a strong pulse but not when in place. The trick is to make sure you use a good amount of water based lube internally, recommend Sliquid never causes irritation. This is a good product for use while moving, change of position reconnects the internal points to the external conductor base. When lubed correctly the pulses are powerful and cause the climax to be more of a involuntary pumping as the P-Spot is forced to match the rhythm of the electricity. The shape, strength of vibrations and shocks make this a must have, even if you are a user of larger products.

  • Richard


    Great Toy

  • Amazon Customer

    This thing is amazing for girls.

    This review is for girls. I’m on my second one because the first one crxpped out on me, and I’m still a happy customer. If this thing lasted more than a month I’d give it ten additionnal stars. It’s way too expensive too, but I’ll probably buy another when this one quits working. Maybe make one out of titanium alloy and space shuttle parts so it’ll last longer? And it would be nice if you could control the shock intensity. I want to turn mine up. I’m front loading by the way…I have the smaller version for back loading.

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  • Amazon Customer

    This is a great toy! Reputable seller! Very happy!

    I had an issue with the order at first. The seller made my experience so much better. They care about the consumer, ensuring I was 100% satisfied!The product works well and is more than what I had expected. I would highly recommend it!!!!

  • Lugzsoo


    Exactly the controls work and feels good

  • D.A.S.

    A can’t miss experience for those who enjoy anal/prostate play.

    This is a toy those who enjoy anal exploration should have. The sizing is actually just about right for intermediate players; personal I would like to have a larger model – but this one does not disappoint. It is comfortable to wear for a few hours. It might be a little big for beginners.Surprisingly strong vibration, which is quite enjoyable. Also has good battery life, so play can be extended.Now, as for the electric shock… Wow. This feature, used near climax, stimulates a truly powerful orgasm. It is amazing.Unfortunately this is not the most durable toy and I had to replace mine after a few months. However I consider that a small price to pay to experience such a wonderful sensation. The shock does take a bit of getting used to, but it is not painful. Soon you will find all of your pelvic muscles contract in rhythm when the feature is activated – and that the entire experience is significantly more intense than usual.Enjoy!

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  • King Dale

    Great added fun

    This little thing is powerful. The remote is super chic and the shock… WHEW! Love it!!!

  • Lester Smirkle

    Unique experience!!!

    Let’s just say if you like butt play, the shock is quite satisfying.

  • Steven

    Good buy

    I read the reviews, “not for beginners ” well last night I learned I’m definitely a “beginner ” I’m also impatient.. hurt like a SOB..once it was in it felt great…would recommend

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  • AlternativeArmor

    Pure ecstasy!!!

    If you are into kink, you need this item. Don’t let the “electro-shock” capability scare you. Once in place, the sensation is more of that of a thrust. A thrust you can control with a WIRELESS remote! Battery life is fantastic, the texture is super comfortable. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product.

  • Alejandro


    The media could not be loaded.

     Wow! This vibrating butt plug is simply amazing. Who would’ve thought that a toy this small would bring stimulate my body so much. The toy has a decent battery life and the shocking feature is not that scary at all, it’s surprises you at first, but it feels real nice once you get used to it. Seller gave me a great experience as well, they shipped the item fast and answered any questions I had about the product.

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  • Ricco

    This toy is fantastic!!

    First it is a comfortable size with strong vibrations, and then the electric shock sensation puts this at the top of the list for adult toys. I wasn’t sure about the “electric shock” at the time of purchase. It is unbelievable putting you at the very edge of with each shock. Don’t wait and wonder like I did get it and enjoy.

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  • Heather

    Best toy!

    Best toy I’ve ever purchased. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a little more than what vibrator style toys can offer

  • Sam

    It’s a buy.

    Best toy for this kind of play I have ever bought. Shock controls work great. (Dont be standing up when you turn it on). And feels amazing. Girth is a bit much for a dull on beginner, but everyone else should be fine. Cleaning was not much difficulty, package arrived discreetly (arguably the most important thing with these types of packages). Would recommend 5/5

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  • Magus65

    Great bang for your buck.

    One of my best purchases this year. This little gem offers a great vibration function that one of the best out there. The electric shock feature is incredible also my muscles were clenching for quite a while my session. I am hoping they come out with a bigger version as I am sure it would create an amazing amount of sensations.

  • Ed flad sr

    it is strong on the shock but enjoyable worked good

    prefect size for me dont fall out takes a few to get used to

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  • Mark

    great sensation!

    works well. fairly large, be ready!

  • O M


    This is my first toy like this. It was amazing when I tried it. The shock feature was a little too crazy for me at first but I’ll just have to build up the tolerance. Hits the spot and the vibrating features are great when it comes to intensity or pattern. Cleans well and charging isn’t too bad either. Do recommend!

  • Chris

    Really fun

    Really fun item. The different vibrations are really nice. Even with some patterns you don’t normally get in toys. Just know that this is a pretty thick toy so know what you are getting in to.

  • Paige

    SHOCKED by how cool this is.

    I’ve never had a toy that does this before, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it at first, but I was pleasantly surprised.The vibration and size is nice on it’s own, but the shocking is what makes it most interesting. I’m gonna try tinkering around with the remote to see if I can connect it to my computer soon xD.

  • Mike C


    Walking the dog, shopping, at the bar. So discreet and comfy. Now if I can only get a new remote.

  • Tressa R

    Wow, wow, wow!

    Okay, first thing to know, this is not for anal beginners! It’s 5.7 inches in circumference. In comparison my biggest jeweled metal anal plug is 5 inches. So work your way up to this one! But once you do, it’s a lot of fun.I was afraid to use the electric shock function, but it is amazing! Just make sure it’s in before you turn on the electric shock feature…don’t try to put it in with that on. Otherwise you will definitely feel the shock! When it’s inside, it just creates a pulsing effect, almost like the pulsing that happens during an orgasm.The vibrating functions are great, and there is a fun variety! Highly recommend 🙂

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  • Sky King

    One of the best prostate stim toys ever!

    Delivers a variety of strong vibes & shocks as advertised. Strong enough to guarantee you won’t be disappointed with either feature. Haven’t had the shock setting higher than 3 or 4 yet, but incredible when used in conjunction with vibes. Or turn vibes off to experience just electric stim when you’re ready. Recommend for first time use to activate the shock feature, level 1, while holding in your hand so you’ll know what to expect, altho it’s different and not as sharp when inserted. Control is easy to use without looking, just power on the device on before inserting. Also the design ensures it stays in very well. Arrived packaged well, and easy to clean. Recommend without any reservations so far!

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  • D.J.

    Update: Incredible toy, but only 30 Day Lifespan

    It was absolutely worthy of 5 stars while it was still working, but it just suddenly stopped producing any kind of electro the other day. I’m a bit disappointed, because it’s been less than one month since I got it. I’m not sure if I just got a defective one or if they’re meant to start breaking down after a dozen uses or so, but if you twist the neck of it just right, you can sometimes get a pulse or two.By the way! One tip for people who may end up buying this I’ve seen a lot of comments saying you can’t use the electro without the remote, but you can! Single click of the power button controls the vibe, but a rapid *double click* will toggle the electro modes instead.Honestly, this is one of the best toys I’ve ever bought if not THE best, I just wish it would have lasted a bit longerUPDATE: This company stands behind (hehe, get it, behind) their product! They reached out to me a few days ago and offered to replace the defective model, and it just came in the mail today. I have to say, I’m very impressed by the dedication to customer satisfaction, not to mention the quality of the product. I’m definitely going to try to be a lot more gentle with this one though!Updated review 2->5 Stars

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  • Amazon Customer


    Awesome shock feature!! Hits the prostate just right!

  • Cadijia

    Curved and remote ready!

    This plug is very soft, flexible and curved for pleasure. So easy to clean with strong and different vibrations. The remote is so handy since it makes it easier to use and play. The curve makes it better for beginners and it’s not too large!

  • Jimmus

    YES GET IT, u wont regret it

    Better than the previous skinnier one i purchased couple yrs ago. Nice comfortable shape with just the right amount of shock in every mode. LOVE DIS BUGGAH!! NO PROBLEMS NO REGRETS!

  • Hector G Montoya

    Wow shocking surprise…

    Wasn’t to uncomfortable and remote made for easy use..And once I turned on the shocking mode whoah!! Feels like a tenz shock didn’t hurt at all but made a pulsing sensation.. Awesome..

  • Sidney

    Love it

    I wish the battery life was long but all in all I freaking love this thing. Makes you feel full.

  • Erisa_Firehawk

    What a shocker!

    I was defiantly surprised by this toy! The size might be a bit big for an “entry” level user, but the shape does make it fairly easy for someone that had used similar size toys, to insert. The material is soft and slick, so that you don’t have to use tons and tons of lube like some of my others.E-stimHoly crap is this thing intense! This is my first estim insertable and I have to say, I’m hooked. The controls on the remote take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, be ready for a wild ride. The different modes offer different pulse strengths, speeds and durations, so you should be able to find the perfect mode to suit your needs.Vibration.I would defiantly say the motor in this is one of my more powerful, only really being exceeded by my wand, which plugs into the wall. As with the estim, there are plenty of modes to find what you are craving.RemoteRange seems to be good on it, though i really haven’t tested to too much. Its also nice to be able to immediately stop the estim, vibe, or both all at the same time. The only thing i would really change about it, would be the ability to go back a setting without having to cycle though all of them or resetting the whole thing, but its not enough of a problem to warrant removing a star

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  • eric morgan

    A must buy

    Absolutely amazing will always recommend this to anyone!!!!!

  • Alpha Pirate

    Shockingly Grrrrr8

    Very unique electro-stim design p-massager. Prepare to open the floodgates of pleasure at the touch of the butt-on. Chinglish manual in 5 languages is an added plus. Not recommended for beginners

  • wr

    Must have

    This toy is insane, if you are into electro, vibe, and prostate play. 10 stars!

  • Amazon Customer

    Best toy yet!

    Awesome! Sorry. I don’t usually leave reviews. Amazon was just reminding me to through email.However, I will say, Leyuto sells very high quality products, and this is no exception!PS: This one is REALLY good. For real.

  • Chelsea Heller


    This is one of my new favorites. The size is good, though wouldn’t suggest it for a beginner. I wasn’t sure the shocks would be very strong, but was surprised how noticeable it is.The one thing I wish was the stem wasn’t so soft. Can make it hard to insert sometimes.

  • Amazon Customer

    Love it!

    Love it! Fits good. Stays in place. Can keep it in for hours. Good vibration. The shock mode it great. Fast changing.

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  • Michael

    It works!!

    One of the favorites in the collection! It’s definitely not for beginners. Once it’s in, it’s incredible! Love the size, fills me up nice. Plenty of fun vibrations. The electric shock feature is intense, I’m forced to shut it off after a few seconds on the lowest setting. Unless you’re already accustomed to electric shock, it’ll take some getting used to. Shheewwww is it effective though!!

  • Jon A.

    Electrifying experience

    OMFG is all I can say. This thing is the best. The e-stim gives a hands free thrusting feeling, like the thing is being trusted in and out of you. The vibration is just an added bonus. Perfect thickness for that nice full felling. Now my absolute favorite toy.

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  • Goffredo Vecchio

    Best prostate massage EVER

    I have zero complaints. The pulsing, vibrating, and shocking transported me to another world. I have never experienced anything like it, and my body loved every single minute of it. I didn’t even care to view porn or anything else. I was completely overtaken with these sensations. I recommend this product to anyone who likes prostate stimulation and has experience putting wider things into his rectum. It is wide for the sphincter, but then it is not for beginners. Once it passes the sphincter it is no strain at all. It rests naturally in place and does not come out until you decide to remove it.

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  • Jerry Plaster

    Seller replaced defective item promptly..

    girthy but good because it stays in when the magic happens, vibrations are mild enough to enjoy for a while, the shocks were unexpected and “feels” like it just got a LOT larger.. not unpleasant just unexpected feeling

  • Lexi Khaos

    Don’t be scared!

    This plug is a little bit big and it’s easy to be intimidated! But the electric shock feels like a limb falling asleep and the curve and vibrations are perfect.


    Not for Beginners

    First, if you are new to prostrate stimulation, consider something with a narrower diameter. That said, I highly recommend this toy, if you know what you’re doing. The motor’s 8 vibration patterns are all strong and fun to play with. The remote works well, but you can also change the patterns by hitting the button on the unit directly. You can use it alone, or give your partner the remote and see what happens! On a full charge it can provide 2 -3 hours of play time. A much more expensive toy I purchased barely gets 45 minutes of play and is no more effective than this one. The one disappointment I have to point out is the 2nd option it touts, the electric “shock” effect. At first it worked fine, (it’s not what you thing. It causes a throbbing feeling, not at all shocking), but after a month, or so, it just stopped working. I have no idea why, as I’d only used it as directed. That said, the vibration mode is still working like day one, almost a year later. If this is what you’re into, by all means, go for it!

    12 people found this helpful

  • Ernesto

    Great product

    Easy to use and cleanI have a lot of fun with it

  • Deputy Dumbass

    Really powerful & pleasurable shock!

    The way that this is designed, perfectly holds itself in place, no matter what I’m doing. The vibrations, as usual, feel amazing, but the shocking power in this is incredible. The shocks make this experience so much better than just vibrations alone. Highly recommend to anyone looking to spice up their life a little bit more.

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  • Amazon Customer

    great customer service.

    Update. Customer service is amazing and hooked me up with a replacement. Its everything i wanted.Shock feature did not work properly. So disappointed because it could have been a great toy. Vibration is nice and strong. Shape is nice. Cleaned up easy. Really wish they had sent me another one instead of a refund. Id love to try one out that actually worked.

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  • ksweets

    Definately my favorite so far!

    It is something that can be use by both men & women, beginners or those more experienced. I think I am somewhere in-between. It wasn’t too big where I found it uncomfortable, it was just enough to add that extra sense of excitement. I didn’t use the shock factor as I think that would be good for the more experienced. I did use it on my hand & it was a shock factor. My only problem has nothing to do with the product itself, it’s that I can’t find the charger! It uses a special charger & not one that you will find around the house. So a word of advice – don’t lose it!

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  • Rob

    Omg this thing is POWERFUL

    The estim on this thing is AMAZING. This is the most intense butt plug ever. The size and shape are great. There is a vibrating function and estim function. I think each one has 7 different modes from what I remember the manual said, it’s somewhere round that… Since the estim and the vibration both have about 7 modes it makes 49 different combos and they are all amazing. The only thing is when you find one you really really really love it’s hard to recreate that specific one later with so many combos but still every one feels great. This is a must buy product. Also make sure you use a water based lube for the estim, some are better than others… I used J Lube that I made with the power and it worked well but I heard there are better lubes to use. I don’t think estim works with some other kind of lubes. L I know they have estim gels but I don’t think all of those are suitable to put inside your body. Anyways but this thing. Mind blowing !!!!!

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  • Old Steve the Magician


    If you’ve read some reviews about the electric shock being too strong, you may be put off buying this device. If you’ve already bought it, you may be nervous about using the shock feature.What you need to know is that the shock feels completely different depending on how you’re touching it. It’s not meant for fingers! So…• If you set the device going on a tabletop and touch it with your fingertips, you’ll get a painful belt that you probably won’t like.• If you grasp it in one hand and set it going with the remote in the other hand, it will quickly feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.Neither of the above ways are how you’re supposed to use the device! They could easily put you off. So…• If instead you insert the device as intended, point forward and using plenty of lube, starting off with the vibe and then switching on the shocks with the remote, you’ll find you get strong, rhythmic, involuntary muscle contractions. You’ll probably find these very pleasant and not at all painful (though your mileage may vary).If you have a partner that you trust, give them the remote! They will probably find that, with appropriate restraints, and with two or three extra distracting stimuli, and the right vibe setting (my favorite is the deep rhythmic throbbing), and then activating the shock to synchronize with the vibe at just the ‘right time,’ they will quickly have an overwhelmed but happy and quivering submissive jelly on their hands!Bonus tip: The power on the device itself times out if it’s not being used. So, for example, imagine inserting it and pushing the built-in button for 3 seconds to switch it on ready (it gives a single short vibe to confirm). Then you give the remote to your partner and go watch TV. If 20 minutes later they decide to give you a nice surprise, the remote will appear to have no effect. The device will have switched itself off and you’ll need to press the button on the base of it for 3 seconds to switch it on again.

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