pursuit of ultra tight flexible stimulation
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pursuit of ultra tight flexible stimulation

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16 reviews for pursuit of ultra tight flexible stimulation
  • Aliy williams J

    Definitely an interesting type of toy!

    I bought this as a gift to my bf and he loves it! the vibration in this is actually really quiet. easy to move pieces and clean but putting it back together is a little tricky the first timeThe silicone material on the inside is very soft and squishy and sure does have a nice sensation. Throw on the vibration and/or suction mode, and it gets even better. It’s kinda hot to have I use it on him. The device itself is fairly discrete and it looks almost like an essential oil mist machine or something. Popping out the inner material is pretty easy, and easy to clean. Will definitely get him use out of it!

  • yangyufei

    Needs to know

    highly recommend trying this product because it making real feeling and should not make any of idea about need to find GF. Giving a try to ensure you making a right decision and it will not disappoint it.

  • Ora Sykes

    No thanks

    Love this masturbator. The softness off the inside is itself amazing, add to that intense vibrations and amazing suction power and you have a toy that will bring you hours of pleasure. And so easy to clean you’d think it was doing it by itself!!

  • Lonestar

    Does What It’s Designed To Do

    It arrived in a discreet box with no outer labels keeping your privacy. Ensure that you read the manual carefully and thoroughly. I also recommend keeping it with it to reference. It has multiple settings and is easy to charge. It maintains and even suction and does what it is designed to do.

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  • Neuger Zar

    This is a Premium product. Better then top brand toys

    Everything about this is amazing. This is a premium product. Great value. Better then the pricey top brand toys. Highly recommend it

  • Gunnar Skirbekk

    Personal sucker

    Was exactly as advertised and I was surprised by the suction power. Cleanup was a breeze.

  • Tim B Sullivan


    Wow. Mind blowing toy. The suction power was more than expected. At first a little awkward but once it starts sucking most my exes couldn’t suck that good haha definitely gotta try it.Highly recommended

  • Stera Roger

    This will suck your soul out

    The suction power on this isn’t clearly rated in the product details…it’s powerful, VERY powerful. The interior feels great, is short but will easily accommodate 8″+. The product is gorgeous and shiny…definitely not something leave out on your night stand as it’s not exactly subtle looking lol.Overall, this is a great product for the price. I would recommend it!

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  • Parte J T

    Great suction

    I was surprised how well this thing worked. A lot of different settings that took a sec to figure out.(I advise you read the directions) but after you do this thing works well….Looking inside you can see why it works so well. I really like the charging cords which is magnetic and easy to charge. Would definitely recommend to to anyone. Decent addition to the toy chest.

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  • Jana Dairo

    The best toy I have

    This toy is amazing! It makes you feel good in so many different ways. The suction feels almost like the real thing, and it even has a few vibrating settings to go along with it! The different vibration settings makes it enjoyable and easy to change it up time after time. I love this toy!

  • Azee Latika

    Has potential

    The most suck for your buck! The design is really good. The opening on the cup is very comfortable. With some other cups the opening will be small and uncomfortable if you’re a bigger guy but this one is great. Made to expand to fit you. The suction action is my favorite. There are several different modes and vibrations. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a quality cup!!! You’ll thank me later.

  • Danny

    Very impressive

    For the price I was very happy with the quality in which it was made. As for adult toys, this is one of my favorite.

  • Poppy

    Powerful suction and shaking.

    This toy is quite good. It has strong suction and vibration. Imitating the function of the mouth is really good. But it doesn’t feel strong enough for me, I think the reason Is that the speed of suck is not fast enough. The swallowing speed is a little slow. If the speed could be improved, I bet most men wouldn’t last three minutes. The disguise of this toy is perfect. You won’t even see it in the closet. And not embarrassed to be seen. Lol

  • Victorian

    Best Thing eve

    I’m so glad that I purchased this product it came so discreetly as well It feels amazing and it’s even quiet I love itI love the way it was packaged and the construction all together feels really solid.The suction allows the device to constrict and make the inside feel tighter.It is also very easy to clean. It splits very easily after removing the top half and closes tight to hold strong suction.

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  • chyers per

    Must Have!

    I love this masturbator. The softness off the inside is itself amazing, add to that intense vibrations and amazing suction power and you have a toy that will bring you hours of pleasure. And so easy to clean you’d think it was doing it by itself!!

  • Holam Shaher

    Best suction, durable, easy to clean

    You won’t regret it, this thing feels great darn near close to a bj. The suction on this thing will pull your guy in and won’t let go until it releases the vacuum or you do so manually, it’ll take your limp noodle in and bring you to full erect in no time prolly my favorite part, no extra stimulation is needed prior. It is more on the slower sensual side perfect for edge training. Sleeve is very supple and not to hard to clean

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