TENGA FLIP 0 (Zero) Men Masturbation Device, Reusable Pleasure Toy Cup Massager and Personal Masturbation Toy
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TENGA FLIP 0 (Zero) Men Masturbation Device, Reusable Pleasure Toy Cup Massager and Personal Masturbation Toy

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  • New ergonomic and reusable premium male masturbator from Tennga featuring intricate internal details
  • A seamless insertion point provides the perfect seal to prevent lubricant from leaking and a suction vacuum is created from the new one-way valve
  • The detailed inner elastomer has several new features: the Ridge Wall’s pleasurable ridges hug you from both sides. The Ripple Dome grasps to your shaft while rippling edges stimulate.
  • An outer layer covers the end orb which stimulates from all angles. Includes Tennga FLIP ZERO, sample lubricants, and a clear case for storage/drying

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40 reviews for TENGA FLIP 0 (Zero) Men Masturbation Device, Reusable Pleasure Toy Cup Massager and Personal Masturbation Toy
  • SeaMonkey

    My 3rd. I own them till they wear out

    Ok, so Tenga must be hiring rocket scientists to design and build these. Very high on quality of material and design. It’s got a double seal system at the entrance that moves lubricant from you, back to the inside as you withdraw in use so it doesn’t eat lube even in longer uses. You can rotate it 45° while in use for a totally different sensation with each twist, with the final rotation being a mirror of the first but, that’s like 3 distinct sensations in one toy. It also doesn’t take long to heat up if you use a warmer. You can squeeze it lightly to add firm suction to each pump as well. I know it’s expensive… But it’s worth it. I get about 6 months of near daily use before it begins to fall apart. The plastic sides loosen and fall off and it totally changes the way the toy feels. So that’s 180 uses per $60 purchase? Cleans and lubes *very easily. The lube it comes with is awful tho, but who really cares?

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  • D Craig

    Buy this right away

    It’s amazing. Best money spent. I can’t stop using it. Easy to use. Easy to clean. I’m completely addicted. If it was slightly smaller that would be the only improvement that I can think of. Buy thus product

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  • Steven J Mustain

    1st time user of any kind of device but very impressive!

    Wow!!! Never felt anything like this before! Quite impressed! My suggestion is too not over lube it. But wow!!! The only evidence i can describe in words is length of time for me. It feels amazing. Fast acting ?

  • Scotty

    Works great!!

    I must give this a great review… had the original white flip!! It was great,lasted for years…hahahah yes years!!! never tried the other colors! This one is more delicate, not as durable as the original, but has more suction.. Its worth buying.. had to make a repair, the part of the case with the magnets came apart. A little Crazy glue and some patience fixed it.. I don’t think this will last as long but no toy will.. Easy to clean.. i do recommend. Since I already had the original flip I bought this one but the original is softer. Oh it doesn’t leak! The original was a little messy..

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  • Chris

    Customer service is amazing

    My boyfriend used it a few times a week and it was great while it lasted. It feels really soft and it’s easy to clean. But the material is neither durable nor made to last. We thought we were taking great care of it, but at the meeting point between the hard plastic and the soft jelly, there were tears. When the tears got big enough, water got trapped and smelled putrid.This lasted us all of 2 months. We contacted Tenga’s customer service and they were great. They wrote to us within 24 hours and sent out a new one within a few days.

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  • Jimnarious

    My husband likes these products very good materials high quality

    My husband likes these products very good materials high quality. If ur looking for the its close to real feeling I say buy this.

  • Donny Rice

    I feel like a boy first discovering myself again

    headline says it all

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  • Eddiedoza

    Solid product

    This feels so good! I got the black “tighter” one. I’m a bit thick but I’m not huge and it feels perfect. I have not had problems with it being too tight at all. Only complaint is one side of the little hook things that keeps it closed tends to unclip, but you slip the cover on so it doesn’t really matter. not sure if it’s just flimsy or because of the stretching when you insert your thingy, but something to note. Doesn’t affect how the product works for me though. Wish I was a bit longer so I can feel everything inside lol. Was going to purchase the electronic one but it was just too much money for me. Happy with this product. If you have smaller hands your hands may start to hurt after a while since the product is somewhat large. You can use two hands to combat this

  • Satisfied User

    This toy lived up to its promises and reputation, easy to use and very fun!

    The product arrived in a plain package at my doorstep. It took a moment to get the packaging open, look everything over, and get set up to try it in privacy. Following advice from the manufacturer and prior reviewers, I applied a fair amount of water based lube to the inside of the product, the entry hole, and myself. (If anything, I may have been a bit heavy handed on the lube, but better too much and experiment later with a little less.) I found it to be immediately comfortable and very pleasurable. The suction features worked exactly as they were supposed to, greatly enhancing the pleasurable effect. In some reviews I have read it was emphasized that they felt this was less similar to vaginal sex and more like oral. My experience was that it seemed to have some really good sensations of both, but was not precisely like either, nor would it ever replace either. On the other hand, in the universe of pleasurable experiences it was a hell of a lot of fun and will be used freely whenever I feel the need to experience some serious pleasure on my own. The clean up was not too bad, just open the device in the sink, carefully and gently clean with soap and water, and I set it up out of sight on the clip as a drying rack so it will be ready for future use. Overall, it was a great experience and a great sex toy to have in the collection for fun.

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  • R. Arless

    This is a good as gets in a sleeve

    Flip open the two halves. Generously apply water based lubricant along each side. Close and insert shaft into hole. There are orbs at each end to stimulate the top and bottom of the head. The center has ripples to stimulate the side. Ejaculation should be very intense with this sleeve.

  • Fernando

    Feel amazing bang for your buck make sure to use water based lube

    Great suction great use easy to clean them out of 10 great product Easy to run under shower to clean easier

  • Longer Gu

    Would recommend it to friend

    Too good. It’s pretty durable to be very honest. I’ve been using it for like months already and it you clean it and dry it well there will be no awful smell

  • Jake


    I dont normally write product reviews and all that but I had to for this one. First off the price is amazing considering that this product goes for a bit more money on other sites. Second I got tired of throwing money at onaholes and hip masturbators with no real satisfaction. The usability of this product is incredible. I thought I would tire my arm out playing with this which for me ruins sensation to the area this product is meant for, but not the case here as pressing the pressure plate at the top does the up and down motion for you going back up as you release. The material and crazy design inside the toy is very well thought out to make this a very…pleasurable experience. I used a warming wand before use to add an extra degree (pun) of sensation. I can keep rambling on, but I will just leave off with clean up which is another selling point for me. It’s easy. Snap it open, wash it with soap and water, dry it off with a micro fiber towel (preferably). It did take me a minute to figure out how to use the drying stand that keeps the toy open to let air take care of residual moisture which is VERY important to do. But I really want to leave off with the fact that this product doesn’t look like something you don’t want people to find. 5 out of 5 for me, I’m officially retired from trying to find an awesome guy toy.

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  • fsandy

    Oh MY!

    This is absolutely the best product and best bargain I have spent any money in years! Took a bit to get used to but OH MY GOBBLE …. It everything they say it is… BUT BE WARNED I ordered something called THE HANDY from the internet and they said it has a warranty …both of these products arrived at the same time..tge handy was almost $200 dollars and it in no way compares the the TENGA…. I email back to the HANDY and nothing, just took my money and its crap… Okay the TENGA is the BEST!!! Thank you Tenga!! Best date ever!

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  • Grim

    The best.

    The textures seem insane and one would think: “how am I supposed to get through all of these?!”But the insides are made of some amazingly soft tpe. Smell is a little off putting when you open it initially, but is nonexistent when you use it. You don’t need as much lube as the instructions call for. Just a little on the entrance and a little on the inside. Feels amazing. Plain and simple. The suction is perfect. Toe curling finishes. Cleaning is extremely easy, just make sure to get in the sides of the inside textures. Drain well, pat dry and let it air dry on the stand.It is rated at 50 uses since the tpe is pretty delicate, but you can stretch the uses pretty far if you’re careful with it.

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  • Tom

    The best sex toy I’ve ever gotten

    As someone who isn’t that sensitive down there, this redefined how good masturbation can feel! A very worthwhile purchase and the customer support was very helpful when my package went missing and got me a replacement very fast!

  • katie

    Great at keeping husband at bay!

    I got this for my husband due to our incompatible sex drives. He said it works great! Easy to clean and air dry. It gets the job done while I get a peaceful nights sleep. I highly recommend for men who want to get off and not really want to connect with their partners. Use this for that itch you want to scratch and leave your partner out of it. Or great if you are single and lonely.

  • Rodrigo


    Great product, feels great, easy to clean and to store

  • Drag mav

    Best toy I’ve bought ever

    This thing is amazing it’s not soft like a flesh light but omg it’s amazing I litteraly had 2 flashlights idk know where they are this is by far a superior product it litteraly is easy to clean feels phenomenal

  • Charles Morey

    The gasms are amazimg

    I was very tentative to buy as this was my first “toy” and I have always been one to do it myself. However after having it for a couple weeks, I can say that I am absolutely amazed with the quality and the orgasms I get from this.

  • John

    Best male masturbation toy on the market for ED

    I’ve tried all of the major products. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars. By far this is the best you can buy, The feel and pressure are awesome. The white one is okay if you just want to enjoy it. But the black will get you off whenever you are ready. I especially recommend this sex toy for men with erectile dysfunction or ED.It’s way better than fleshlight. In fact I tried to find a fleshlight product that felt similar without luck. I did not try the destroya as it’s not “my size.” But I did try the Pilot which is supposed to be a mini destroya. It lacks the pressure. It’s very similar to the white Tenga flip in how it feels.The only negative I can say is that their lotion is pretty expensive. It does feel better with their lotion. It’s more of a gel rather than a water based oil. I just think the price is too high. I’m sure there are alternatives but haven’t found one yet.

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  • Dobe

    The best Tenga unit so far

    I gave this five stars cause it’s great. In my opinion this is one of the top units Tenga makes. I love the design, ease of storage and the drying stand. I have not had any problems with the clips on the sides. As for cleaning the unit, no problems. It does hold some water in the top “ball” part but all you need to do is use a soft cloth to get it completely dry. It’s definitely worth trying.

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  • Captain Neal

    Fells better than the real thing. 🙂


  • Minh Pham

    Better than FL

    Imo anyways. The suction is amazing, way better than FL

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  • Amazon Customer

    zero competition so far

    Not much that I can say that hasn’t been said already but here we go-easy to clean-great suction-discreet-tight-great sensationI have only a few cons-takes a while to dry-it gets very slippery if you get lube on the outside of it-no way to mount it (like with a suction cup like you can with a fleshlight and other holes)-has limited use (according to tenga you can only use this toy so many times before it begins to break down and needs to be replaced but I haven’ gotten to that point yet and I’ve used it at least 50 times now lol)I haven’t tried the original flip hole models so I don’t know how they compare but I have a fleshlight “stamina training unit” and this is worlds better in terms of general use and cleaning and sensation

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  • Eric762

    Absolutely love this toy

    A really wonderful toy! The Tenga flip zero is a awesome masterpiece of a mail toy. This toy will help improve stamina. This toy will surprise you the first few times depending on how u spin it the textures will hit diffrent spots of your shaft and head. The flip is verry ezey to clean with its ability to break open.

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  • Andy

    Perefect fitcool

    Best in his own class the bestlike it

  • Amazon Customer

    Best toy ever hands down!

    I’ve never felt so good with anything else! The material is so amazingly soft, and the suction is really strong.Best used with the tenga hole lotions and very easy to clean after use. I have used this for a long time and there have been no signs of damage. Just as good if not better than the original flip holes, a must buy for any guy out ther

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  • Xaiban

    Feels like the real thing and easy to clean up! Every man should own one

    The best feature Tenga has to offer is how easy it is to clean up afterwards. I’ve owned one previously so I know from experience that it is very hygienic and will last for at least 1.5 years with consistent use. Every man should own one of these – whether he is using it on himself or for his partner to use it on him. Particularly useful when you gal is on her period. This allows you to still have your nookie at the hands of your partner.No doubt, the suction and stimulation are beyond words. I climax effortless with this whether I am or someone else is using it on me.

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  • Gotanfreek

    Read Me First

    READ ME FIRSTNo need to look any further this is the toy you want. Battery operated toys will not do the job, will not last as long as you want (session), not strong enough to be effective. Super Head Honcho feels great for three uses and then starts to tear everywhere due to the material it is made of. The Super Sucker is more durable, however, sessions lasting longer than an hour can leave you raw. Blow Job Thrusters are a great idea but have a way to go and besides they are very noisy!The Tenga Flip Zero is the one and once inside, Tenga Flip Zero allows some form of masturbation do-it-yourself customization so your rod can feel like, ooooh my goodness. Both the front and back are fitted with pads which control the amount of pressure you want to feel.The inner material is very soft. When both sides are pressing against your rod however, oooh my, oooh my. They’ve really put some thought into the textures here. This toy can actually make you crave it’s use over and over again. It will control your life for the first two weeks so be careful if your work requires 100% of your brain to complete your tasks.View graphic to see what is being described in the following paragraphs:The Double Slot Entry needs to be lubed before entry. If your rod’s GIRTH measures larger than 5 3/4” you may tear the soft material after a few uses. I’m 5 1/2” and have had many uses, no issues. Length of your rod should be at least 5” to enjoy what is at the top, 6 inches; is much better. Initially both the Ridge Wall and Ripple Dome provide a good dose of stimulation to the head, especially rubbing against the underside which is fantastic. Next you’ll hit a cluster of bumps that are fairly large and spaced apart. These work nicely with the first part now taking care of your rod.Towards the end of Tenga Flip Zero, you’ll meet the Layered End Orb. It’s pretty much a thick rubber pocket designed to gently massage your head. By hitting the round ball inside will drive you insane. I can only hit it three times before going into an ecstatic convulsive state. Just under $95 it is worth every penny!!4/3/2017Some reviews posted good up to 50 uses? I’m on 60 plus and the only thing that did happen was one side came unglued. I was careful not to use SuperGlu, that would destroy the rubber like material, instead I used a universal glue, not paper or wood glue. I’m very pleased with this purchase and can’t say enough about the pleasure!October 5, 20182 years later it is still operational. Not sure why some reviews say that theirs fell apart after 50 uses. I did modify using a wood burning iron, smoothing some of the ridges. I also have used glue time and time again as the sides do come apart.I enjoy at least one to two hour sessions two to three times a week. So, yes I have got my monies worth. And if does wear out I’ll be glad to replace it!March 27, 2020Yes, finally the material did wear out and can’t be fixed. So I ordered another without hesitation. This lasted four years! I have no idea how users only get 50 uses? There is an electric one on the market i can’t imagine it is worth the money $100+ dollars. I’m totally sold on this fantastic experience and am satisfied with its durability and pleasure that it provides, no need to venture out. How much better can it be, this Tenga Flip 0 drives me insane!

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  • Porky Mansorki

    Oh hell yes!

    This is an astonishingly well-designed sex toy for an adult human penis. Safe and very exciting to use. Tremendous suction. The orifice leaks very little during use, and acts rather like a squeegee upon removal. Durable. It is confusing to assemble and disassemble, at first. The three key pieces are a base, a clasp, and a main shaft. The shaft opens butterfly-style for access in order for it to be lubed, washed, and dried. During drying, balancing the shaft upon the clasp upon the base is the hard part, once familiarity with the pieces is achieved. The other part is a cover, which turns the toy into a handsome audio-speaker-looking thing. The black model is firm and has palpable projections. In comparison, white is softer and more closely enveloping.

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  • OWen

    After 5 Tenga Whites… an upgrade!

    I’ve been a regular and repeat purchaser of the Tenga “white.” It had everything I needed and at $50 didn’t break the bak. It doesn’t bother me that it has a “shelf life” because the lifetime (20 uses?) it does have is amazing! Truly, it reduced my “professional girlfriend” budget by 50% – who neeeds’m?!?! Anyway, I decided to take a chance on this twice the price toy just to see what the fuss was about. Yup – it’s worth it! No words to really descrive the difference other than it’s even more INTENSE than the “white”. I don’t know about it’s shelf life as I’ve only used it a few times… but I may have found the perfect desktop bate-buddy! It’s worth a go – try it.

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  • J.R. Leeper


    A wonderful tool/toy for your after work self care routine. It’s a lot of fun to use and might make you feel like a million bucks. Only draw back is cleaning can kind of be a pain. There are lots of ridges, corners, and hard to reach spots on the inside, (that feel amazing) but are difficult to clean.

  • Ptolemaios

    Easy to clean

    Much better than the old version where it felt like hinge could break any moment. Water usually gets stuck around the “mouth” though. Still a great product.

  • Anonymous

    Better than Flip Hole or Tasty

    I bought the three mentioned, this product and the two in the title.This is much softer/easier to use than the Flip Hole. The Tasty while it’s visually more appealing to look at, is also odd to use(it’s big as in heavy to hold in your hand for a while). Also the suction/getting it right(for the Tasty fleshlight).But yeah, comparing this to the Flip Hole, the Flip Hole I find is harder to use/get into(literally).I also recommend the water-based lube as it’s really easy to clean up/just washes away but is super slippery when in use.The internal design is odd, I feel like I’m having sex with a transformer but there is definitely a clear difference in the feeling between this and the Fleshlight…Just my opinion so far have made two deposits into this device. I gotta masturbate less so I’m harder for the Fleshlight.

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  • Ryan H

    The Greatest “Male Toy” there is… for those less sensitive than others.

    This review is for the Tenga Flip Zero: Black Edition… which is tighter/snugger than the White Edition.First, this review is NOT paid or sponsored. I bought this thing on a whim after an extremely disappointing first experience with the “Stoya” sold by Fleshlight… and let me just tell you, this thing is AMAZING! I’ve never felt anything more intense in my life.Now, some very important things to note: I am abnormally desensitized down there… meaning I’m not nearly as sensitive as most guys. Those who are very sensitive might find this overpowering or even a bit painful. The suction power, friction, and design of this thing is unrivaled… easily the most intense adult toy I’ve ever owned in my life. While the “sleeve” is not nearly as soft as the Fleshlight, this is a good thing for me… as the Fleshlight was way too soft, which provided no friction/felt like a loose silk.When you first get the product, don’t be alarmed that it comes inside a black plastic/ziplock bag… as the toy itself will be vacuum-wrapped in plastic, which is peelable/comes off. The design is intentionally compact, so it doesn’t need a flashy box or case. The toy itself IS a case!It has a MAGNETIC STAND for your stroker, which easily keeps it standing upright even on a shaky desk! The “arms” slide off the stroker, which allows you to open it completely (it collapses outwards). Do this to either apply lube evenly throughout, or simply for cleaning. Those same arms also serve as a DRYING STAND… simply place the arms inside the magnetic stand (pictured above), and with your toy collapsed open partially, place it over the two ends of the arms where it’s slotted. I dried this thing in TEN MINUTES by putting it on the stand, and then setting that on my air vent… a unique feature no other stroker has.If you’re on the less sensitive side like I am, and looking for a mind-blowing experience… BUY THIS. I am convinced this is the most intense toy on the market. But before you do, heed the following warnings:Warning #1: If you’re 8 inches or longer, it will be a tight fit… you probably will be just shy of fitting it all in. The toy itself is I think 7.5 inches long. I am 6.6 inches however, and this thing fits me well/leaves a little room at the end.Warning #2: If you’re extremely thick (I’m above average, pretty thick tbh) the BLACK EDITION of the Tenga Zero might be too snug. Go for the WHITE EDITION instead, as the black one is designed to be tighter.Warning #3: You will need a LOT of lube for this toy: that’s because the grooves, ribs and spines inside of it are very deep, and the flesh material isn’t that absorbent, so you’ll want a good 1.5oz of lube per session. Order a big bottle.Warning #4: You HAVE TO ease into this. In other words, don’t slam yourself in there and start doing full strokes. You need to give the lube time to spread evenly around or you’ll give yourself some “rug burn.” Lube the inside of the toy AND yourself generously. Insert yourself all the way in, slowly, then slowly work yourself in and out, while applying more lube to yourself as needed.Warning #5: This toy isn’t the best for full strokes (but trust me, the suction is so intense that you won’t need them). It’s best for quarter/half-strokes with no air inside the toy. This will provide intense suction, similar to a certain extreme form of oral, and will provide a sensation like nothing you’ve ever felt before.If you read this review to the end, I hope I’ve helped you in some way. This toy is amazing, but again, make sure you use lots of lube and ease into it, otherwise you may not get the same experience I did. This is my #1 favorite toy after trying 2 from Paloqueth, and 1 from Fleshlight. Don’t listen to the bad reviews: decide for yourself. For the price, you’ll be getting something awesome if you like it.

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  • BK117

    It’s a demon

    I won’t claim to know much in life, but I know for a fact that this thing was designed by a succubus

  • Jeff Relf

    It’s better then Face-To-Face sex.

    TENGA FLIP 0 (Zero), TFZ-001 “White” (softest).Once attached, it doesn’t come off.Vaseline is the best lubricant.It splits in half, paper towels clean it.So long as you don’t move it much,it lets you edge for hours, hands clean/dry/free.Once you start moving it, “Game Over”, you’ll nut.It’s better then Face-To-Face sex.Initially, the clip was hard to put on, but I’ve since mastered it.And it’s still working, despite 3 years of using it-and-ONLY-it.

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  • WaMan

    Doesn’t Need Lube!

    Obviously it will vary from person to person. But I’ve personally found I don’t need lube to get the most out of this bad boy. I leaned after cleaning it from my first use, I was just being lazy and messing around with it; but it works amazing with just some plain water.Just get it wet, and slide on in! It’ll be a little difficult to enter, but once inside and because of the suction retaining most of the water; it’ll feel amazing.Works good with lube too, but I’ve only used it with lube once or twice. Dozens of times without.Maybe it just means I like it rough, but y’all gotta at least try it once.

  • Thom Johnson


    This is a bit clunky at first, since it’s a bit bigger than others and not as slim as a Fleshlight, however the pleasure far surpasses expectations! It’s very incredible. The orgasm is harder than you’ll get making love with your wife. And if you’re wife likes to watch or help, it’s even better à

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